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About company

«KERAMRESOURCE» company was established in 2006 as a limited liability company for the exploration and further industrial development of the Rusinovskij plot of refractory clays, located in the village Rusin Yar in Konstantinovskij district of Donetsk region.

This deposit is located on an area of over 300 hectares. The land is belongs to the company.

Initial development and industrial research and development carried out on the basis of a Special Permit for Subsoil Use №19 dated 14.12.2006 for the period of 5 years.

Defining and protecting the reserves of the deposits of clay (Protocol of the State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Reserves of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Ukraine dated 29.11.2010, № 2117), our company received from the State Service of Geology the Special Permit for Subsoil Use № from 5441 dated 27.12.2011 for a period up to 20 years.

The clay produced by our company is shipped to the world’s leading manufacturing companies of ceramics in Eastern Europe, CIS and Asia.

Transportation of clay:

  • – by car;
  • – by railway;
  • – by ship.

The clay is shipped by car and railway transport from a warehouse of “KERAMRESOURCE” LLC. Marine transportations are performed from next ports: SE “SCOLVIA” (Nikolaev), Chernomorsk  Merchant Sea Port (Chornomorsk), Mariupol Trade Port (Mariupol).



Odessa – 928 km.
Chornomorsk– 953 km.
Berdyansk – 405 km.
Mariupol – 203 km.
Nikolaev– 748 km.